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I had a 'NO SHAME' abortion

2013 Hungary

relieved, being is good hands, safe. I wanted to deal with this in me, myself. I could do this. I feel good now, I feel that every woman has to have choice!

Abortion is hard for everyone, for this or that reason, I think we can agree. To do it in the safety of your home, beside your loved ones gives you positiveness, strength and empowers you in many ways. No shame at all. I had an abortion before once in a hospital too. I felt I will not survive the shame and depressive feelings that were planted in me by hospital staff. After the abortion I was put into a room were there was a woman who gave birth 2 days ago and was feeding her baby. Please try to imagine the feeling. I was feeling guilty and bad for over a year because of the abortion.

Did the illegality of your abortion affect your feelings?

Actually I feel that it was a type of freedom. No it did not.

How did other people react to your abortion?

They were surprised and did not know that this could be done at home too.


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