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I had an abortion when I needed it, hassle-free, legal, medically safe, and reimbursed by my health insurance. This should be the norm. I wish to all my sisters, all over the world, to be able to get the same, whenever they need it. Abortion should be decided by the woman herself and no-one else.

1994 Switzerland

Negligence on contraception that caused the pregnancy was on both sides, sex partner was equally responsible. Glad I could get an abortion!

Hassle-free and safe.

un-wished pregnancy

How did other people react to your abortion?

All those I informed (sex partner and close friends) were fully supportive and understanding.


I had an abortion in the US a few years ago. I think it is important for all of…


한국에 계신 분들 걱정마십쇼!! 낙심하시 마시고 자신을 믿으세요!

Tlhogi Tshegofaso

I did it when I was 4 weeks. Its was tremendously painful and horrific. The…


Yo aborte

Maiara Rejane

Não havia outra alternativa.
Dia 02 de Julho, voltava de uma festa, havia bebido…


Miałam aborcję - nie żałuję


La decisión es tuya enlo que sigue te acompañamos

Brenda Rojas

Yo aborte, pero aunque no me siento orgullosa, tampoco me arrepiento.


esta vez decido yo!


I had an abortion at 15...and my life is still going well


My first abortion took place when I was 19 and the second, when I was 26. I…


The "choice" of medical termination is not accurate when it's used as a weapon…

ech echhhhhh

Aborcji dokonałam całkiem niedawno, ledwo miesiąc temu. Mam 19 lat i mieszkam w…

Liz Price

I had an abortion

Sarah Brown Sara

A pesar de que tengo la edad suficiente y una pareja estable y en planes de…


I had an abortion. And I would do it again, if I was me at that time back then…

pam carol

Yo aborte

maria maria

No tome la mejor desición, hice lo que pude