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My abortion was what needed to be done at that time. Deep down me I know I saved a soul from this cruel world and I don't feel guilty for my abortion.

2013 Nigeria

I feel like I have gotten my life back because before the abortion I was so depressed and almost gave up on life.

It was easy for me mentally cuz it just felt like I had my period but in a more painful aspect. I would say this method help easy my guilty and sadness

Did the illegality of your abortion affect your feelings?


How did other people react to your abortion?

They were supportive and too care of me in every aspect especially women on web.they helped me thru all the stages and eliminated fear from me.

Johanna P.

Era lo que tenia que hacer


Decyzja o aborcji była najcięższą do tej pory..


Medical abortion is easy, provides instant relief


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I feel much relieved thanks to women on web because living in a country where…


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Fiz um aborto e o momento foi muito delicado. Primeiro que fui procurar os…


I felt it was accapted to have an abortion


....because my pregnancy was unexpected and I did not want another child. My…


Me hice un aborto porque no quería ser madre en ese momento.


Am I a horrible person

Van Nessa

I had an abortion.

Megan W.

I had an abortion. There has been no complications so far, but don't have a…


Uratowałam sobie życie