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I had an abortion

2008 Brazil (born in Brazil)

I found out I was pregnant, and it was not like i didn't take care of myself. Actually the condom tear out and the emergency pill didn't work. Murphy's law all the way. Then I found WoW, and ordered the medicine

Sofia Ignatius

I had abortion n all went well


J'ai avorté suite à ma grossesse arrêtée à 8 semaines


My story - at 6 weeks and 5 days


Order right away. Pill will arive after 10 days.


No me sentía lista

Tamsen Reid

I had an abortion because I did not want to be pregnant. I wasn't ready to…

Lisal M. C

It was a big decided that I made in my life. I had a complexity relationship…


Nie wstydzę się tego, że jestem teraz szczęśliwa!!!

anita nyaera

I had three abortions latest being 2018.I feel guilty but I had no choice.


To była słuszna decyzja.

Lora Fleming

I had 3 abortions and as a medical student, I helped preform several abortions…


Ser solidária com quem abortou e defender a descriminalização jamais me fez…

Maria Madalena

Fiz um aborto e me sinto muito, muito aliviada!!!

Lucy Bennett

I was almost 5 months pregnant and I had no idea. I had just turned 16 and me…


Stosowałam pigułki i nie zwróciłam uwagi na to, że problemy żołądkowe mogły…

Yee Tee

I had an abortion


I had an abortion