Patricia Bronstein

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I was married and had known since an early age that I did not want to be a mother. We were using birth control, but this time it did not work. I was lucky that abortion was legal then. I went to a clinic in Manhattan. This was in about 1977. My husband was away and I never told him.

1977 United States

Fine. Not too painful.

How did other people react to your abortion?

My sister gave me a party that night, many of my friends attended and were all supportive


I had 2 abortions


No estaba lista para ser madre, no se si algún día lo estaré.


mifepristona + misoprostol



Tengo 22 años y aborte en febrero de este año. Me di cuenta de que estaba…


Mi decisión


To była moja druga aborcja. Jak się okazało, była dużo łatwiejsza, z…


w wieku 20 lat. Byłam za młoda, mam wielkie plany na przyszłość, nie chciałam…

Cherokee Schill

I had 6 abortions.
Originally I was only going to share two of my medically…


Calma, eu sei seu desespero. VAI DAR TUDO CERTO! #FORÇA


Y fue lo mejor


Hola mi nombre es fernanda tengo 23 años y mi historia comenzo cuando un condon…

Adriana Reyes

Hola mi nombre es Adriana tengo 22 años y soy estudiante de Pedagogía; quisiera…


Minha história começa com o sonho de cursar medicina no Brasil, o que é muito…


Decidí ser consecuente con mis sueños e ideales

Lauren Jackson

I got pregnant while in college in Tennessee in 1976 and had an illegal…

Lucille 2

I had an abortion. I got pregnant from a brief relationship and very…


Mi experiencia


I got pregnant by the guy I was only dating for 2 months. I found out about it…


Aborté y no me arrepiento. I do not regret my abortion.