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The decision was easy, but the emotions were not.

The person who got me pregnant supported the decision and said he would be there for me, but he was not. I had to Uber to my appointments alone and he asked me to stop talking to him about it because it was emotionally hard for him too. I didn't know how to feel or what to do. Looking back, I should have seeked therapy but at the time that was not what I was thinking about.

I eventually blocked his number and did not speak to him in two years. I recently spoke to him and forgave him, and he forgave me. It really helped in the healing process. I plan on speaking to my current therapist for additional support.

If you're struggling emotionally just know that you can make it through. Reach out for support. Find someone you can trust. And take care of yourself.

2019 United States

I went through a lot of feelings. Sad, lonely, regretful, curious about what would happen if I had the baby, ashamed, but also happy and thankful this was an option for me

I didn't bleed or cramp too much.

Did not want to be in a relationship with the person who got me pregnant

How did other people react to your abortion?

I told 4 people and they were supportive


Don’t confuse ‘what ifs’ with regret.

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First, I want to thank "Women on Web" for making this abortion possible.


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