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I had an abortion when I was 23 years old

2011 Malaysia

I was not religious at that time but just knew from deep inside god was with me and that this was the right decision.

I guess I was lucky that everything went well and it was painful for few hours.

I was not ready to raise a child and it ws something I can not let my family know about. I want a better life for my kids

Did the illegality of your abortion affect your feelings?

Yes and No. It was just not the right time to be pregnant and something that had to be done. I was living in Dubai at that time. Being pregnant without being married is a big crime and leads to jail and deportation.

How did other people react to your abortion?



I had an abortion


Y aunque todos los días piense que podría haber sido, fue la mejor decisión…


Feeling like myself again


Tuve suerte...

Fallen Angel

I had the SAFEST ABORTION even in the PHILIPPINES through


Espero que minha experiência possa ajudar quem vai passar pela mesma situação


Bueno yo aborte por que no encontré otra salida...
A principios de diciembre del…

Tigrunia kinga

Dowiadujac sie że jestem w ciaży po raz drugi doznałam szoku odrazu naszła mie…


I'm 18 years of age.My abortion was very hard on me due to religious reasons.It…


Aunque me cueste decirlo, yo aborté


La mejor decisión

Sun Flower

Me, and my guy friend had just found out I was pregnant, though he was super…


Uma escolha pra vida!


Lembro que quando minha menstruação atrasou no primeiro dia eu já senti que…

Ana Costa

Fiz o aborto com 7 semanas


Toda mulher tem direito à um aborto seguro, não importa quais sejam seus…