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I was lucky enough to be able to have an NHS surgical termination at 8 weeks. We forget sometimes how much freedom we have in the UK and how lucky we are to have these options. I was financially and emotionally incapable of having another child and chose the safest option for myself. It isn't pleasant and far from the perfect solution but it is a relief to know I'm not going to be spending 20 years raising another child. It was unplanned and a mistake and I am grateful that the NHS helped me.

2015 Reino Unido

Was 100% sure of my decision until about 20 minutes before the surgery. Then I felt unsure and 'last chance' about it. Went ahead as I knew I was doing the right thing. I have had NO regrets whatsoever.

I'd say overall just mildly painful and uncomfortable. Minimal bleeding. Recovered quite well after a GA and was relieved.

Partner wanted it and I didn't. I was ending the relationship.

Como as outras pessoas reagiram ao seu aborto?

Supportively. Apart from the father who was a selfish, spiteful fool and made my life a misery. I ended it the day after my termination.

Miih Be

Dia 9 de Setembro de 2019 tive relação sexual desprotegida com meu noivo, ele…


Yo aborté a las 5 semanas. Yo decidí.


Proceso duro,


The reviews were scary and I was afraid of what would happen when I took the…

Luana Oliveira Jacob

Fiz um aborto - E me senti aliviada.Cada dia que me deito para dormir, fico…


Perdón a mis angelitos!


Difícil decisión


No me arrepiento

Ezzah candra

Untuk kebaikan semua anggota keluarga


100% segura

Bia Li

Me encontro na cama deitada nesse momento, após ter passado um dia inteiro no…


Tengo 25a, estudio medicina. Acababa de terminar el internado y estaba por…


Sou dona de mim.


O aborto é uma escolha apenas da MULHER.


Por siempre y para siempre en mi mente.


I got pregnant at age 44 after a birth control failure. I am so blessed to…


I was let down by birth control and had two abortions. During my second…


It was sad but necessary


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