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I cry. Going into the decision I was strong and certain that I wanted to have an abortion. That has not changed, I am still sure it was the right decision for me. It is hard to understand the mixed feelings, but I am being honest. This was my first pregnancy, and I don't know if having a child is going to ever happen for me but I am at peace with that. I hope this helps someone else. I think it is ok to cry, to feel sad about the situation and through all the sadness still know that you made the right decision.

2010 Costa Rica (born in Costa Rica)


Completei o processo há cinco dias e não consigo deixar de pensar no assunto


No es mi primera vez, es mi segunda vez que lo hago y no me arrepiento.


interrumpi un embarazo de 6 semanas


*No podía ser* 11sem

R. P.

Força, meninas, que tudo se ajeita!


I had an abortion and now feel I have 10kgs off my shoulders alone, a little…

Renata k

Fiz um aborto, foi uma escolha. Apesar do medo, foi muito tranquilo e não me…


yo encauce mi destino...


Tomé una desición

Regina Kunst

Aku memutuskan untuk aborsi karena pada saat itu, aku masih menempuh S3 dan…


I had an abortion. It was in October of 2008, when I was 21. The guy I was…

ana maria Duque

I had an abortion but this wasn't easy I was very afraid, but i never regret…


My abortion was NOT THAT PAINFUL. Don't believe in the horror stories!

Charlotte Sigler

I had an abortion


The first time I was too young the next I was old enough to know I had no right…

Amy Martinez

I had an abortion


I had an abortion and it changed my life, for better and for worse.

Luana Oliveira Jacob

Fiz um aborto - E me senti aliviada.Cada dia que me deito para dormir, fico…