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Having an abortion was the right thing for my family.

2020 United States

Both my husband and I were, and still are, very comfortable with our abortion. We made the decision to ensure the best future for all members of our family. I would make the same choice again.

I received the medication from a family planning clinic and took them in the clinic, then went straight home. My husband stayed by my side while the medication took effect and in a number of hours I was bleeding and the pregnancy ended.

How did other people react to your abortion?

Most people were very supportive, but one of my closest friends, who'd had two miscarriages, was upset about it. It was a few weeks before we could reconnect after the abortion and it was a few years before she could see that her issues were about her loss, not my choice. I was sorry that the abortion affected our relationship for awhile, but never doubted that it was the best choice for me, my husband, and our family, including our other children.


Uma escolha pra vida!


Desculpa não te ter dado uma chance de sobreviveres, mas fiquei demasiado…


naprawde nie miałam wyjścia jestem miesiąc po,nie bolało szczerze mówiąc…


Something that has carried with me ever since.


Medical abortion at 9wks 5days

Ana Costa

Fiz o aborto com 7 semanas


Abortar es tu elección!


yo decidi un aborto,


Una lucha constante.

Karen vargas

Yo Decidí


Tomé la decisión correcta, tal vez no justa, pero correcta.


Miałam aborcję - nie żałuję


No me arrepiento de lo que hice. Abortar suena demasiado frío , asi que mejor…


Yo aborté y soy una chica libre


It was a difficult but necessary choice to have made.


I had an abortion


Moja aborcja przemineła tak jak miała , wziełam tabletki potem dojadałam .

E. Souza

Espero que ajude outras mulheres, pois assim como eu, no desespero, procurei…