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I had 4 abortions and I’m not ashamed

2020 United States

unruly. unapologetic I am not ashamed. If you are a woman needing someone to talk to message me on Instagram. Hate speech will be blocked.

I did the pill abortion 4 dif times. Not much pain just period cramps and bleeding. I’ve done it at 4 weeks up to 10 weeks. I am not ashamed or in regret. I didn’t want those babies cause of who the dad was And that’s okay. Yes I went on to have 2 beautiful daughters and I am a great mom.

How did other people react to your abortion?

I personally don’t care cause it’s nobody’s business but mine.


Aborto cytotec 5 semanas


yo encauce mi destino...

Ma N

Y fue un proceso duro física y emocionalmente.

Lauren Jackson

I got pregnant while in college in Tennessee in 1976 and had an illegal…


j´ai avorté.


Yo he estado en las dos caras de la moneda, cuando tenia 16 años quede…


Not prepared and so I have to make a difficult choice

mayumi uehara

Fiz.não me arrependo e contei com a ajuda da ong, o que foi essencial para que…


I have had 3 abortions, one clinical, 2 medical. I do not regret those…


Medical abortion, 19 years old


I got pregnant at age 44 after a birth control failure. I am so blessed to…


No me arrepiento


It was a birthday


Estava grávida de quase 12 semanas.

Louise Harper

I have had two abortions. One at the age of 22 which I paid privately for at 9…

fiore fiol

Yo me practique un aborto con citotec porque acababab de tener una bebe y…