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i had 2 abortions first 1 when i was 16 i knew i was ready to have a child or if i ever want to have children and i didn't want a pregnancy at 16 to be a deciding factor for my future the second one i was 24 and i honestly had a lot going on my life from financial depression to just life in general and i didn't want to add more to my plate, yes i have decided that i want to have children but i want them to come to steady life

2019 África do Sul

the first i was too emotional and felt guilty for taking a life but grew to understand my decisions

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my friends and family respected my decision but my boyfriend was devasted as he felt he was ready and well the second time it between me and my boyfriend and it was a mutual decision

Sol Sila

No era el momento


Aunque me cueste decirlo, yo aborté


Despite the intense feelings I've had since, I know it was the right thing to…


Aborto cytotec 5 semanas


Yo he abortado 4 veces.


It was the right thing to do.


I discovered I was pregnant. It was about 5 weeks and 4 days old. I did an…


Vivire por ti mi pequeño angel


My story - at 6 weeks and 5 days


Y fue lo mejor

Won’t be named Won’t be named

I had an abortion a week after my twenty second birthday, I was five and a half…

Maiara Rejane

Não havia outra alternativa.
Dia 02 de Julho, voltava de uma festa, havia bebido…


O dono do meu corpo e do meu destino sou eu, e não a sociedade hipócrita e…


Tuve que hacerlo


Kiedy zobaczyłam dwie kreski na teście ciążowym przeraziłam się. Mam już dwójkę…

Willem Velthoven

I had several abortions. And children too!


I have had two abortions


Niestety znalazłam się w sytuacji , gdy mój chłopak nie dopuszczał do myśli że…


¿decisión o "me hice a la idea"?