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getting thru the pain.

2013 Estados Unidos

It hurts, but we'll be okay.

I'm in the process right now, and it hurts more emotionally than it does physically.

I'm only 17, last year of high school. I promised my little seed before letting go that I'll be strong for both us, that i'll make it far and in the future we'll meet again if God decides to give me another chance.

¿Cómo reaccionaron los demás ante su aborto?

Surprised but respected my decision.


Tengo una hija de 4 años, pero aun asi yo aborte este año.


yo conoci a los 14 años a un vigilante que trabajaba donde mi mama el era super…




Es más una historia de amor, que de un aborto pero posiblemente en algo te…


Força, tudo que precisa!

Maria Victoria

A gravidez é também a morte da pessoa que você foi até aquele momento, para…


Perdón a mis angelitos!

Paulette De los reyes

Decidi lo mejor para las dos

wiki Kosik

Korzystaj z życia..Na dziecko, przyjdzie odpowiedni czas..

Fallen Angel

I had the SAFEST ABORTION even in the PHILIPPINES through


And it was just fine. I had just turned 20, and was living in a rented room in…


I had a surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood in Beacon, NY at 4 weeks.


I discovered I was pregnant. It was about 5 weeks and 4 days old. I did an…

Leah Frida

Yo aborté! porque es mi derecho!


I don't regret it. It was one of the wisest decisions I ever made in my life. I'…

Sofia Ignatius

I had abortion n all went well

Aga... ta...(?)

zastanawiam się jak to przeżycie i fakt co zrobiałam wpłynie na dalsze moje…


Una lucha constante.


My abortion was NOT THAT PAINFUL. Don't believe in the horror stories!