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I was 21 years old. I actually had just stopped using Birth Control due to the unknown side effects. My boyfriend and I were together for about 4 months at this time. One day I had terrible cramps, laying in the fetal position from the pain. It was abnormal, I knew it was off. I took a test and I was pregnant. Also, I did get my period.

Anyways. I went to Planned Parenthood to figure out how to get rid of it. We both knew we did not want a child. We were both young, yes 21 is young. He was also abusive. PP was very amazing, accommodating with no judgement.

2008 Estados Unidos

Accommodating, thoughtful, kind.

¿Cómo reaccionaron los demás ante su aborto?

Very supportive. My mother and sister both had abortions before me. We are all thankful for the right.


I have had two abortions

YoungWoman from India

This website gave me the confidence that I could do it. It gave me all the…


Fiz um aborto e o momento foi muito delicado. Primeiro que fui procurar os…

anjali sidhu

I had an abortion

Grace Grace

Y no existe arrepentimiento.

Ewa Izabela

I am pro-choice


No Regrets.

Lindsay Millett

I had an abortion

Fanti. Alexandra

Sentí y decidí.

Mitzi .

I had an abortion. And i know that was the best choice.

Mar Tina

Todo es muy reciente ... estoy recuperandome hace tan solo dos dias que sucedio.


Despite the intense feelings I've had since, I know it was the right thing to…


I had an abortion and it changed my life, for better and for worse.


Nie wahajcie sie, jezeli czujecie ze musicie.. zrobcie to

Birdy <3



Unexpected feelings

Sailor Moon

1. Powody decyzji i dlaczego dziewczyny w mojej sytuacji nie powinny sie czuć…


I don't regret it. It was one of the wisest decisions I ever made in my life. I'…


J'ai avorté quand j'avais 18 ans. Je ne le regrette pas, je suis fière d'avoir…

Lucille 2

I had an abortion. I got pregnant from a brief relationship and very…